Food for Healing

Did you know that by changing your diet, you may able to heal many of the things that ail you? Food has the ability to help us lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy. However, with the Standard American Diet and the emphasis on convenience over nutrition, along with the cost of health foods, it can be difficult for us to get the nutrition we need. So where to start? With breakfast of course.  

Breakfast is one of the most important meals, and not only should you not skip it, you should pay careful attention to what you are consuming at this meal. Many breakfast items, such as cereals, granola, and yogurt, are stocked full of added sugar. Rather, you should be adding protein and healthy fats to your meal to keep you fuller throughout the day. This includes eggs, beans, lean meats, avocados, and nuts.  

Next, you want to make sure your meals are well rounded with lots of vegetables, some healthy grains, and protein. You do not need to eat meat at every meal. In fact, we recommend that at least one meal doesn’t have meat in it. Lunch is a great option for this because there are tons of delicious salads and soups that yummy on their own without meat.  

You will also want to pay attention to your snacking. This is where the convenience of over processed foods comes is hard to ignore. Rather, make your own health snacks, such as creamy hummus.

You can also make your dessert healthier by saving big delights, like pie and cake, for special occasions. If you need a little something sweet every night, try a piece of dark chocolate.  

Paying attention to what you eat might not only be good for your waistline; it can help extend your life. 

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