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    Why Oil Tax Reform Matters
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    On Oil Taxes Voter Turn-Out is King!
    After all the ads were run, yard signs posted and editorials published, voter turn-out led to the defeat of Ballot Measure 1 (oil taxes).  It was impressive to see the innovative, fun and highly effective ways of encouraging their colleagues to vote that Alaska businesses and employee groups came up with.  These efforts played a major role in the decisive defeat of BM #1.  Full Story
    Countdown to General Election Day


    Alaska's Crushing Workers Comp Cost
    Oil Tax Referendum Abuses Process
    Alaska’s unfortunate position as the highest cost state in the U.S. for workers compensation costs results in a heavy cost burden for our small and medium sized businesses.  The main reason is very high medical fees for even routine procedures, sometimes  as much as 95% higher than those allowed by nearby Washington State.  Full Story   After years of effort, legislators voted last year to make Alaska’s oil taxes more competitive. Now, opponents have put a referendum on the ballot to overturn this important legislation.  Full Story
    Alaska Budgets Have Run Amok!
    Help Fend Off Federal Overreach
    Reliving our economic history from the 1980s? Since the mid 2000s, Alaska state spending has exploded from $5 billion to $8.5 billion per year – an increase of over 70 percent. This reckless spending pattern is setting up Alaskan families for an economic bust. Full Story   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a very dangerous precedent that could lock up large swaths of Alaska and sentence many small Alaskan communities to poverty. Specifically, EPA is bending federal law in an attempt to rule out future mining projects in Southwest Alaska before development plans are even submitted. Full Story
    Project Litigation Reform
    Facing Down "Enviro Wack Jobbery"
    Some leading lawmakers are tackling abusive legal injunctions. Far too often Alaskans see promising new projects delayed at the last minute by anti-development lawsuits. Rep. Eric Feige and a long list of supporters are trying to hold filers of such suits more accountable. Full Story   An important vote on cruise ship wastewater regulations brought the environmental extremists in the Alaska Legislature floating to the surface.  With solid leadership from Gov. Parnell, sound science carried the day.
    Full Story


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