Looking the Part

Sometimes when it’s hard to get the mentals together, it actually does help to get the exterior together. I’m not sure if it’s aspirational, process-derived, or a consistent enough lie to convince the psyche, but looking good can actually help us to feel good.

I’m not saying to go buy a Kylie Jenner LipKit or spend seven hours watching winged liner YouTube videos. I’m saying that putting some effort into the exterior can enrich the interior. When I’m feeling unwell, exhausted, or just down – here are the self-care appearance steps I take to convince myself I’m well:

  1. A freshly washed face. Don’t let make-up or the world sit on your face. Wash it and indulge in a nice facial cream.
  2. Mascara and tinted chapstick. This is enough to feel like you’re making an effort, but not so much that it feels like you’re lying to yourself and the world.
  3. Go with linens! They’re comfortable, they send a message of togetherness but they feel mostly like pajamas. I suggest well-tailored linen slacks (the bottoms should not drag on the floor, please.) and a button down top in the same color story. Together, this look is a very chic mental breakdown.
  4. Flats. Never wear heels while feeling down.
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