Travel as an Antidepressent

Sometimes depression can manifest from monotony and routine. Same thing, every day, same commute, same coffee, same coworkers, same bed, same views. These things can start to feel very boring and predictable and while for some, it may lull a sense of security and happiness – for others, it may lull a sense of entrapment and boredom.

Travelling, even just a quick drive to a new town, can really help to combat some of those feelings of sameness. Whether you decide to go to Amsterdam, New Jersey, or rural Canada – a new view, a fresh perspective, and a challenge of planning can re-awaken something surprising and enriching in a person.

There are so many budget ways to travel – from a National Geographic cruise in Greenland, a train ride up the California coast, or a train ride across town to a neighborhood you’ve never explored: get out of your comfort zone, routine, and zip code!

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