Finding Mindfulness

There is no doubt that mindfulness can have positive impacts on your life. From decreased levels of stress to higher levels of energy, mindfulness can really elevate your life, it may even change your brain

Mindfulness may seem like foofoo science, but it works, and you don’t have to meditate 20 minutes a day to get it!  

One trick to harboring mindfulness is to sit still for about five minutes. Take deep breaths in and out and count the breaths. Odd numbers are inhales, even numbers are exhales. Count to 10 and then start again. Notice your breath as it comes in and out of you. What does it feel like against your nostrils? What sound does it make? How does your belly expand and contract with the breath? Also, note how the rest of your body feels during this exercise? Take note of your shoulders, your hands, your feet. Give attention to every piece of your body. Then, after five minutes, slowly reawaken your senses and go on with your day. Try this a few times a day and see if you start to notice anything different.  

You can also take mindful walks but paying attention to all the sounds you hear. Or, not all the white things you see along your route. The goal is not to get lost in your thoughts but take a break from them by being present with what is around you. You can even make chores into mindful practices. While washing the dishes, instead of listening to music or thinking about how much you don’t want to be doing the dishes, feel the sensations of the soap on your hands and the dish in your fingers. Try to feel everything you can without reaction.  

Your mind will likely wander and that’s OK. Just redirect your thoughts back to the present and begin again.  

Mindfulness is a great tool for helping us live in the present and stay grounded. 

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