It Might Be Time to Break Up …. With Your Phone

It’s no secret that our phones are causing a lot of anxiety and stress to our lives. From constant notifications to live updates on people’s best lives, these helpful pieces of technology are making us depressed. So, it might be time to breakup with our phones.  

For most of us, we can’t completely cut off contact with our phones. We need them for work, for connecting with loved ones, and for daily tasks, such as getting around town. However, we can limit how much we are on them.  

First, start by turning off all notifications, except phone calls and text messages. This means you have control of what you see and when.  

Next, create no-phone zones. This can mean that you won’t use your phone in certain areas of the home, but maybe also at certain parts of the day. The Do Not Disturb function is great for the evenings and early mornings.  

You can also try leaving your phone at home one day at week. Plan out your day and routes before time and see what it feels like to not have your phone.  

Also make a challenge with yourself to see how long you can go without checking your phone. Try not to check it during times you normally would, like riding the bus or waiting in line. See how it feels to just be in the moment.  

It won’t be easy to give up your phone, but we know that you will feel much better afterward!

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